cGMP Consultation and Audits

VSG offers services covering the complete cGMP value chain. We provide you with advice and take responsibility for regulatory compliance. As a partner with a long track record in the pharmaceutical sector, we have the procedural know-how for manufacturing all standard dosage forms. When you place your trust in our experience, you will derive benefits from a high level of certainty and expertise right from the get-go. We can also assist in creating or redesigning processes & procedures as per regulatory specifications and best industry practices.
You can rely on us to ensure that all discrepancies have been identified and reconciled.

Consulting Services
  • Consultation on all aspects of the cGMP environment

  • WHO, FDA, MHRA, EU, ISO compliance
cGMP Audits

We are also skilled at handling customer audits and audits by various regulatory agencies like the US FDA (CBER BIOLOGICS), MHRA, CDSCO/FDA (India), ISO etc.

Quality Risk Management (QRM)

We have realized that risk management is the future of quality. Our experts have dedicated themselves to designing and implementing a customizable QRM Framework that executes products and services effectively, efficiently, and economically.

cGMP Compliance

You can gain full access to our deep understanding of the science of compliance. Partner with us for cGMP Gap Analysis of sterile and non-sterile facilities for both human and veterinarian products.

cGMP GAP Analysis

Using our findings from your Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, we’ll do a thorough comparison with the applicable regulation and create a GAP analysis at both strategic and operational levels

cGMP GAP Remediation

Our detailed Remediation Plans leave nothing to chance, by describing how to close every gap revealed by our thorough GAP Analysis


Hyde Engineering + Consulting

Hyde is a USA-based organization which provides consulting & engineering services globally. Along with Hyde, VSG provided validation consultation to the pharmaceutical giant Hospira, Vizag.